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The best designed web site that gets little to no traffic will not increase your bottom line.  Every web site created is developed with the primary focus of helping to make your site make more money for your business.

About Me

I’ve been building web sites since 1997 when most businesses did not have one and before it was clearly understood that the Internet could generate more revenue.  I learned very early on that marketing a web site was of extreme importance.  In my first year of business I started marketing for various web sites and learned the “ropes” of how different search engines worked and how they ranked certain sites over others. My business grew very fast and I soon had over 30 employees, including a sales team, technical support staff, and web designers.  During this time I also started two other successful businesses, a staffing agency and a non-medical, in-home care business.  Having launched and sold several successful businesses, I am now able to relax, work from my home, and do what I enjoy the most – create web sites and help businesses grow.  I developed to better reflect what AIMS Internet is now all about.  Why   Years ago at a networking meeting, I observed a visitor ask an associate, “What does he do?”  His response? You guessed it;  “He Does Web Design.”


For me, web design is a very creative process and is much like an artist putting their brush to canvas.  I never know what a site is going to look like until I make that first stroke. Eventually there’s an entire layout of the look and feel of the site.  It is this artistic expression that makes web design such a strong passion of mine.  I always put forth the maximum effort and I’m always thinking about how my clients could use their site to make more money. I develop ways to turn surfers into prospective customers.  A nicely designed web site that generates additional revenue is a beautiful thing.

You will find many examples of my work on this site and I hope you enjoy taking a look and become interested in having me design and/or help you market your site.


Warm Regards,


James Koehn
President, AIMS Internet (

Video Testimonials

Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials
Citation"I have been working on getting my company's site correct since we set it up back in '99 [with a different company], and only now I feel I am in good hands. James [President of AIMS] puts MASTER back in the term WEBMASTER!"
Paul Feld
Sailing Through Business
Citation"Since 1999, you have done a superb job webmastering and hosting my site. We started out with a simple site and with your guidance, we have become an expertise center. I want to compliment you on the recent redesign of my entire site. It's hard to believe it's over 300 pages now. The new design looks great and it's always a pleasure working with you and your staff. I recommend your services to all my associates, and look forward to working with you in the years to come."
Kristin J. Arnold
Quality Process Consultants, Inc
Citation"James produced a website for my company that looks great and reflects my professional style. He put a polished corporate look on the content, and used graphics that are very cool and also appropriate. James worked with me to make sure I was comfortable with the end result, providing excellent service throughout the process."
Janice Bayer
Pink Shirt Software
CitationJames Koehn, the owner and brains behind AIMS, has provided consistent and economical support for Energy Shift Corporation for more than five years.  He is prompt, professional and very talented.  We are happy with the Web Site he designed and have found it to be effective for us.   James has been patient with our questions and creative in finding solutions for our needs.
Laurie Huber, Founder
Energy Shift Corporation